Yakult and Thailand Trots: The Experiment

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There’s some wisdom that suggests that drinking a Yakult a day will prevent Bali Belly, Thailand Trots, Dehli Belly, Peru Poos and even the Dakar Dash.  In the spirit of Timothy Leary, I have undertaken an experiment to test this wisdom.

Since arriving in Thailand I’ve experience intermittent stomach problems.  A favourite restaurant was determined to be the source of these troubles.  Each time I had the Tom Yum, within four hours there was a dropping sensation in the gut and the dash was on.  However, the food tastes fantastic and it’s wonderfully cheap, so I wasn’t going to give it up easily.

I embarked on a Yakult campaign, consuming a serve a day for four days before returning to the offending dining venue.  It was lunch time and I had the same dish as I’d had on previous occasions, which again was delicious.  Then it was a waiting game.

The sun started to set over the hills, and I felt that perhaps the Yakult had worked it’s magic.  This pleased me as I want to eat locally and cheaply.  There’s a whole raft of cuisines available here, but local is so much cheaper and I’m a firm believer in immersive travel.  That’s when I felt the drop and knew it was not to be.

There was hope in this sunset.

The Yakult did nothing to prevent, or even ease the experience.

On further investigation it turns out Yakult is essentially very sugary water and milk powder that’s been heat treated with a few pro-biotics thrown in.

11g of sugar = 2.75 teaspoons

Perhaps it takes longer than four days for the bacteria to build up, maybe I’m just sensitive to a particular ingredient.  Either way, I’m off the Yakult.

Now, excuse me as I’m off to try out another local food vendor.  Wish me luck!

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