Trivia Night in Chiang Mai

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Of course, we had to investigate the trivia night scene.  There are two good trivia nights in Chiang Mai, but my favourite is at Archers

You know there had to be at least one Irish pub in Chiang Mai, this one,  U.N Irish Pub runs a trivia night on Thursdays. This was our first trivia in Chiang Mai and it’s a great way to meet people and make connections with other expats.  An American couple teamed up with us as now we’re firm team mates.  It costs 20BHT per head and all the money goes into a prize pool.  It gets packed with mainly older white people.  The degree of difficulty and competition is high, we only made it to ninth place out of around 13 teams.  Still, we’re going back because we like a challenge.

Archers is a smaller venue, and we ended up walking an extra few kilometers trying to find it, but again the trivia is very popular, and the hosts are friendly.  It runs on Tuesdays, costs 50BHT per head and the prizes are vouchers for the venue.  This is our favourite because we won -YAY!.  We were awarded 960BHT in vouchers.

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