The Ville – Resort Casino: Townsville

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The refurbishment is finally complete and what stands out in the new Ville is the innovative bathrooms with the window onto the room.

You can watch TV from the bath.

Millions have been spent to update this Townsville institution.   Every aspect of the resort has had a new lease of life of modern tropical decor, from the restaurants, bars, rooms and lobby.  The renovations went for nearly two years.  So, was it worth all that money?


The Executive are the posher rooms on the upper levels of the hotel and some lovely views to the marina, or the ocean, but it’s the bathroom that makes it memorable.

The bathroom is divided into 2 rooms, separated by a smoked glass door.  As you enter you find the toilet and sink, then through the smoked glass door you find the shower and tube with a window looking into the room.  I guess you can watch TV from the bath, but the sound doesn’t really travel too well through all the glass.

If you fancy privacy there is a touch button blind to preserve your modesty.  Also, even with the blind open, you can’t see the toilet.  Check out the blind work here

I’ve been itching to try out the new-look Ville in Townsville and managed to snag a decent price of $150 for the Executive King through   Prices can vary by up to $100 depending on when you want to stay.

Bars and Restaurants

There are four restaurants to choose from covering all budgets.

At the lower end is The Spin Café offers $12 meals from 10 am and has daily specials.

Palm House is the new look buffet restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The seafood buffet can become a bit of a frenzy as people gorge on prawns as if their lived depended on it. It is not a cheap buffet, with breakfast costing around $34 per person.  The quality was 4/5.  It lost a point because although the presentation was great, the range was not extensive.  There was a lot of options for sweet tooth folks though.   Sadly, the poached egg was hard, and the hot food was just warm.

Breakfast in Palm House.
The fridge is full of delightful fruits and yogurts.
Real honey drips into the jar.


The Quarterdeck is middle of the road casual dining with beautiful surrounds, while Miss Songs is the fanciest restaurant.  This Chinese restaurant is popular, so booking is recommended.  It is not a cheap option and the dishes are not generous in size.

Million dollar views.

For my money, the Quarterdeck is the best bang for your buck.

There are three bars spotted around the Ville. The pool and Splash bar make the most of the great location, overlooking the sea. The gaming floor and the Quarterdeck also feature bars. If you’re playing a pokie you can get drinks delivered to you.

pool bar.jpg

Although a rare overcast day, it’s still gorgeous.



You will need to get a Vantage card to play the poker machines, but they’re free and carrying your winnings around is much easier than the old cup of gold coins.

If you’re Cool Footing in the region it’s worth joining the Vantage program as you’ll get generous promotional deals.  We recently were sent $75 voucher for Miss Songs and $75 Vantage dollars to use anywhere in the resort.  We spent it in the expensive buffet breakfast.


The staff are always helpful, if a little slow.  Perhaps that’s part of creating the tropical, laid back atmosphere.  I feel they need to review the uniform though.  They’ve opted for a cropped skinny leg pant for the men which is only flattering to a narrow margin of wearers.  My heart goes out to those sightly weightier staff who look nothing but extremely uncomfortable in this getup.



Overall the new Ville is great, but a little expensive is spots.  But they have to pay for the renovation somehow don’t they?  The overall experience is special with the spectacular views.

Townsville gets 320 sunny days a year.  Picked the wrong day.

It is a destination in itself:  a mini-break indulgence.  It is quite a walk from the Ville anywhere in town, you’re probably best driving, so it’s not the best if you want a central location.

Enjoy the view from the bathroom.

ville map

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