Teaching in UAE: 10 Fast Facts

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There’s a huge campaign to hire more teachers in Abu Dhabi Public Schools. Check here to see if you meet the requirements. This article explains.

Public Schools pay more than international schools, but you may find a few more challenges due to rapid expansion. But it can be highly rewarding, and not just financially.  Here are some quick insights to prepare for:

  1. The HR Department will frustrate you. They move slowly and drip feed information.
  2. You will probably be assigned accommodation and live in a compound.
  3. You and your family will have to spend a lot of time in immigration and medical processing.
  4. You will have to work hard, but you can save lots.
  5. You will experience wasta and it may toy with your ethics.
  6. You will meet great people and have amazing times.
  7. School admin may not be run by educators.
  8. There is no natural justice for the worker, you have to trust that you will be treated fairly.
  9. You will have to adhere to the dress code, covering the knees and elbows and a tie for men.
  10. There is very little difference in the kids you’re used to teaching, even the local kids.

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