Prices slashed on luxury hotels, or are they?

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Who doesn’t want luxury at bargain prices?  But is it too good to be true?

Recently there’s been some hype about a new app: which, according to commentators, offers luxury hotel accommodation at up to 50% off.

However, after some investigating this is the truth:

hotel tonight

Prices:  A comparison of the same hotels on the same night across a variety of online accommodation sites showed no difference.  The shots below show the Hotel Tonight app is actually $1 more expensive.

Listings:  A glaring omission from the site listing is customer reviews.  Today’s savvy consumer relies on other people’s experiences and opinions before spin from the company, but we’re not offered any.  There’s an image that claim to be based on review, but it isn’t linked.  The other issue is the destination options are still a bit limited.  Obviously skewed to a US audience, you may be disappointed if you’re looking to go elsewhere.

Navigation:  The site is easy to navigate.  It is uncluttered and organic to use.

Sign up:  When a site demands personal information before it will go through with a transaction it is a turn off.  This is one of those sites.

Reviews:  A quick scan of reviews of this site highlight issues that need addressing.  Users have attributed scores of lower than 3 stars/5 in many cases and the list of complaints include poor customer care, hidden taxes and charges.  It has achieved one star on Trustpilot.

Recommendation:  Stick with the tried and tested online booking sites for now.   Give Hotel Tonight another six months to develop and fix their problems and try then, but be wary, compare prices and check for hidden costs.

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