Cruise Ship Pirate Attack: Shiver me timbers!

On a recent cruise, March 2019, pirates in several speed boats hurtled at full speed towards the cruise ship as we sailed off the coast of Somalia. Their goal:  to hijack the vessel, crew and passengers for a handsome ransom. It was mid-afternoon on a clear day, when between 8-13 speed boats could be seen... Continue Reading →

The Monk Files

Chiang Mai is a strong hold of Buddhism, so you will see monks going about their business every day and  I have made a photographic study of them during my time in Chiang Mai.  

Chiang Mai Supermarkets

An essential element of Cool Footing in a new location is learning how to source food.  Anyone who has lived in another world will tell you that adventuring to a new supermarket can be a daunting experience.  Suddenly you are illiterate and must rely on pictures and guess work. You won’t find large supermarkets you’d... Continue Reading →

Chiang Mai Night Safari

While it can’t be said the Night Safari is on the ‘avoid’ list, it creates mixed emotions. The Safari grounds include zoo like enclosures around the main buildings in which some big cats: lions, leopards and tigers are housed in small spaces.  However, the actual safari grounds provide large, natural spaces in which the animal... Continue Reading →

Lampang: Off the Tourist Track

It has been said that Lampang is the last paradise in Thailand.  It is a 2-hour train journey south-east of Chiang Mai and far from the tourist track, so it may keep this title for a little while yet.   Although it is the third largest town in Northern Thailand, it is considerably sleepier than the... Continue Reading →

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