Cat Café vs. Dog Café: Chiang Mai

Whether you’re a cat person, or a dog person, there’s a café for you in Chiang Mai.  I go either way, so I tried out both. I’ve long dreamed of going to a dog or cat café.  I pictured myself being adored by affectionate furry critters vying for my attention while sipping coffee and generally... Continue Reading →

Yakult and Thailand Trots: The Experiment

There’s some wisdom that suggests that drinking a Yakult a day will prevent Bali Belly, Thailand Trots, Dehli Belly, Peru Poos and even the Dakar Dash.  In the spirit of Timothy Leary, I have undertaken an experiment to test this wisdom. Since arriving in Thailand I’ve experience intermittent stomach problems.  A favourite restaurant was determined... Continue Reading →

Chiang Mai Nightlife

Imagine you are in a Thai night market with rows of food stalls forming small streets, each offering a different specialty.  Now imagine that instead of food stalls, it’s open venues/ bars, each offering a different style of music from techno, blues, rock and reggae.  Welcome to Zoe in Yellow in Old Chiang Mai city.... Continue Reading →

Road Trip Queensland

On our recent road trip from Ayr, North Queensland to the Sunshine Coast in the South East, these are the findings: Ayr - Parkside Motel: Good location, comfy beds. Restaurant and bar is handy to have. Brad is very friendly and helpful. He helped us with the guest laundry and hosted at the bar. We... Continue Reading →

Trivia Night in Chiang Mai

Of course, we had to investigate the trivia night scene.  There are two good trivia nights in Chiang Mai, but my favourite is at Archers You know there had to be at least one Irish pub in Chiang Mai, this one,  U.N Irish Pub runs a trivia night on Thursdays. This was our first trivia... Continue Reading →

Thank you

When travelling through life we all know the journey is just as important as looking good when you arrive. Amazon have got some special deals on that I think you’ll like. These shades are very cool and again Amazon is letting you have them at a 75% discount through this link. These deals are... Continue Reading →

Did it flash?

See what happens when Andrew works with a new fangled camera.  You'll want to have the sound up.

Wat Phra Singh: Chiang Mai

The Wat Phra Singh temple and monastery is one of the oldest in Chiang Mai, founded in 1345.  Since then other structures have been added around the complex, most notably the striking golden Phrathatluang. The monastery is home to around 700 monks who live on-site.  Be careful where you wander, I almost caused an incident... Continue Reading →

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