Work Overseas: How you can Cool Foot through your life

Why not engineer your life to create the adventure you crave? It’s not as outlandish as it may sound.  According to various studies in USA, UK and Australia we will change our career several times over our working life.  These studies from Linkedin, Investec and ABS show that reinvention on a global scale is the... Continue Reading →


Eating in Italy: Know When to Walk Away

Why Italian Cuisine is a Myth Spaghetti Bolognese, lasagna, pizza:  Of all the cuisines, Italian is probably the one people feel most comfortable with in their own home.  However, it can be a different story when you’re in Italy.  For a start, spaghetti Bolognese doesn’t actually exist and there is no such thing as Italian... Continue Reading →

Tuscan Hills by Train

I can almost forgive the Italian train system for never running to the timetable if they keep delivering views like this.

The Monk Files

Chiang Mai is a strong hold of Buddhism, so you will see monks going about their business every day and  I have made a photographic study of them during my time in Chiang Mai.  

Chiang Mai Supermarkets

An essential element of Cool Footing in a new location is learning how to source food.  Anyone who has lived in another world will tell you that adventuring to a new supermarket can be a daunting experience.  Suddenly you are illiterate and must rely on pictures and guess work. You won’t find large supermarkets you’d... Continue Reading →

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