Magnetic Island Magnetism

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I want to slap them in the face.  Hard.

Those people who said that Magnetic Island had “nothing there”.  To my mind this place is one of the last beautiful tropical paradise that hasn’t become a spoilt, ridiculously over priced heaving cesspit of mass commercialization, but negative comments kept me from it for a long time.


Just 20 minutes on the ferry from Townsville and you’re in another world.  There’s ample cheap, accommodation available through Airbnb that gives you a real beach shack experience, with the run of the place for about the same price as a budget hostel, check out these great options to add to the magic of island living here.

While discovering the ‘island you’ persona there’s fishing, walks, golf, water sports,  great food, and of course beaches.  You could spend several pleasant days exploring all the beaches around the island.  They are pristine and often secluded.

A must on any Island trip is a visit to the Stage Door theater restaurant.  Including a 3 course dinner and a show, it’s a great fun night with lots of laughs.  They also do great cocktails and the bus leaves right from the door.  Happy days.

maggie show

Another treat to try is the Happy Hands Thai Massage in Nelly Bay (they have moved from Picnic Bay), not far from the ferry terminal.  Wow!  At only $50 /hr this is a bargain.  It will be one of the best massages you’ve ever had.

There’s everything you could want in a holiday, without the crassness of other seaside destinations.

The only aspect that disappointed was the so called walking trek.  The guide book lead you to believe you’ll be walking on a secluded trail and expecting to see a great natural beauty and wildlife galore.  In reality it was just a road with roaring 4WDs tearing down every few minutes.  The picture below was the most interesting thing seen in two hours of walking.


But this is a very small whinge.

So, contrary to the comments, there’s loads on offer on Maggie Island at great prices and without the crowds.  Paradise.

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