Chiang Mai Nightlife

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Imagine you are in a Thai night market with rows of food stalls forming small streets, each offering a different specialty.  Now imagine that instead of food stalls, it’s open venues/ bars, each offering a different style of music from techno, blues, rock and reggae.  Welcome to Zoe in Yellow in Old Chiang Mai city.

While the tarps are the dominant feature, there is also range of venue types including beer garden, intimate bar, large pub and indoor venues.

Every night of the week Zoe’s attracts an eclectic bunch of people, which makes for great people watching.   They say it’s a place for the under 35’s, but I think we got away with it – just.  The drinks are cheap, the atmosphere is fun and people dance like there’s no one watching.

You’d think that different types of music would bleed together into a hideous cacophony, but it doesn’t.

We chose a reggae bar where a group of locals performed standards, mainly from Bob Marley. It was fabulous to see a trumpet and sax in the band.  The whole group were great, the music tight and the crowd appreciative.

I can see myself enjoying many a night here.


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