Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2019

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Each year during the first few days of February, Chiang Mai bursts into bloom with the Flower Festival.  The Festival celebrates both Chiang Mai, known as the ‘Rose of the North’ and the importance of flowers in the local and religious culture.

Flowers play an important ceremonial role in prayer offerings and, similar to the West, they can be symbols of love, compassion and luck. So, each year, for three days Chiang Mai explodes in an elaborate and spectacular homage to the flower.

Digital Camera
Detail from one of the floats.

The biggest day falls on the Saturday, when a parade of floats takes to the streets on a course more than five kilometers long.  Each float carries a hopeful Miss Flower Festival and is cheered along as they go from the edge of the Ping River through narrow streets of the Old City to the Suan Bauk Haad Park on the South West corner of the ancient walls.  Here the floats rest in the streets, while people pour into the park to see the beautiful displays.

One of the more traditional floats.

The park is closed for some weeks prior to the Festival for preparations.

It takes a good few hours to see everything, but it’s stunning and free for everyone to enjoy.

The streets outside the park bustle as a multitude of plant, flower, food, clothing, balloon and novelty stalls spring into action.

Here are some more samples from the Flower Festival, 2019.

Below are some examples of the floats from the parade.  As you can see some are traditional, but an eclectic range of themes are represented.

Digital Camera
There must be billions of flowers used throughout the Festival.
Digital Camera
The Air Asia float was one of the more modern themes.
Digital Camera
Pink is always a favourite colour in Thailand.
This big fella was a crowd-pleaser.
The scale is impressive, to say the least.
Digital Camera
The Festival attracts a few people.

Inside the park was landscaped beautifully with several larger exhibits.

A good spot for a selfie.
You just have to have elephants in Chaing Mai
Poppies installation:  very arty.
Digital Camera
Magnificent marigolds – no filter used.
They look like Kung-Fu Pandas.


Digital Camera
An abundance of Tulips
IMG_20190202_122315 (2)
A long and winding path.
Digital Camera
And then it was time to head home.

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