Best and Worst Places for Expats

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The 2019 Inter Nations annual best and worst places for expats has listed Taiwan as the top spot in the world.  Taiwan has consistently landed in the top 5 since 2016.

The online community of Inter Nations brings expats from the globe together and offers guides, information and advice for just about every country you would ever consider living in, or not.  The worst places included South Korea, Nigeria and surprisingly, Italy.


As outlined in a previous article, Work Overseas:  How you Can Cool Foot Through Your Life, there are many careers that can take you overseas, leading you to a new and exciting chapter of your life.  Inter Nations list is a useful tool to help narrow down your search.

What makes this list so useful is that the information comes form real, recent experiences of people on the ground.  The list is decided by expats on the ground answering questions about quality of life, personal finance, work satisfaction and ease of settling in.

Some key findings from the survey are:

  • Bahrain, the top lister in 2018 dropped to 7th spot this year. Expats site lower work satisfaction being a major contributing factor to the slip.
  • Portugal ranks first for friendliness and feeling at home, but suits retirees more than career builders. But of those there, 51% say they plan to stay, possibly forever.
  • Italy’s low rank is tied to poor economic performance and subsequent insecurity of employment and career prospects.
  • The lowest ranked countries saw little change from previous years, continuing to feature the likes of Russia, UK, Greece, and bottom of the list, Kuwait.

Even if you’re not planning a move soon, it’s still worth taking a look at the list and dreaming a little of possibilities.  You can explore where in the world you might go here.

Happy browsing.

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