Art in Paradise: Wow!

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Art in Paradise, the 3D and augmented reality art museum, is one of the must-see activities for the whole family, from granddad to little tots, even surly teens.

As you move through the two floors of optical illusions you won’t be able to say ‘wow’ many times over.  Not only are art works brilliantly effective, they’re huge and with your smart phone you can get movement and sound, this is the augmented reality (AR) bit.

Digital Camera
And on the eighth day, God created wine

The two floors are divided into different zones, each dealing with a different theme.  Zones include; underwater, wildlife, Egyptian, modern art and dinosaurs to name a few.

If you don’t have a smart phone the 3D and illusions are still awesome, but the AR is what makes the art come to life.  Make sure you download the app before you head to the museum, this saves a fair bit of time.  Once there, you’ll get the WIFI password on your ticket, so if you need to you can download it in situ.  Various points are indicated on the floor to show you where to access the AR for the art works.  You simply stand on the spot, point your phone at the art and watch it comes to life.  You can see your friend share a coke with a polar bear.  The app allows you to film as the bear scrunches his nose up as he slurps on the straw, or King Kong reaches in to attack.  I really don’t want to give too much away, so I won’t give too many examples.

My phone isn’t particularly smart, so while I could download the app, the AR wouldn’t work too well, See the picture below.  So a clever phone is recommended, or just a camera.  The app is only need for movement and sound features.

See the AR waterfall coming through?

Simply download the AIP app, pay 400BHT p/p,  then head into the museum for hours of fun.

Here’s a few pictures.

Check out this clip of death defying courage.


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