What is Cool Footing?

As opposed to ‘hot footing’, Cool Footing is how to travel when time is not your enemy, but money probably is.

Cool Footing is about not just visiting places, but living.

Most people get very little time for holidays which means they have no choice but to hot foot it to a destination, cram as many tours and day trips as they can in from their hotel room base before they need to get back in time for work.

But change is afoot.  People are looking to experience life through travel and allow life to take them on journeys they would never have dreamed of:  These are the Cool Footers.

Cool Footers are willing to take the risk of living in another region, city, or country.  They want to immerse themselves authentically, living like a local for extended periods of time.

The purpose of Cool is to explore and report on destinations, inspirations and information for Cool Footing adventures.  You’ll be able to find tips and places as well as dip your toe into some luxury from time to time with  A Touch of Lux

Destinations are rated with a score out of 100 to help assess their suitability.  The rating system is based on the extent which a destination achieves exquisiteness under $AUD 2000.00 per month a couple. The categories assessed are:

  • overall experience,
  • accommodation,
  • food – DIY and dining out,
  • ease of getting around,
  • interest level, and
  • safety.

About Anastasia


Anastasia is a teacher, writer and traveler, but not necessarily in that order.

One of the factors that drew her to teaching was the ability to travel with the profession.  Travel remains a passion.  Her next adventures will be exploring the world slowly and maybe teaching a little here and there.

She has lived in several countries in various continents and now wants to test a few more places for their livability and cost-effectiveness.

The fact that she wants to test and give marks out is her inner-teacher bubbling to the surface.


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