A Farewell To 2019

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20 Most ‘Liked’ Photos from Instagram This Year

As a way to reflect on 2019, here are the most popular photos from the Cool Footing Instagram account, @coolfooting2018 . Some surprised me. It’s interesting to see what resonates with people. Here they in reverse order.

20. Montecatini Spa, Tuscany, Italy

19. Wooden Temple, Lampang, Thailand

18. Ruins of Pompeii, Italy

17. That Tower, Italy

16. Hever Castle, England

15. Pompeii Forum, Italy

14. Hever Castle, England

13. St Ignatius Church, Rome

12. Temple Entrance, Chiang Mai, Thailand

11. Wat Phra Singh Pagoda, Thailand

10. Buddhist Temple, Chiang Mai, Thailand

9. Coastal View, South West Rocks, Australia

8. Meandering in Tuscany

7. Underground Umong Temple, Chiang Mai

6. Wise Words

5. South West Rocks Lighthouse, Australia

4. Hever Castle Garden, England

3. Wetland Forrest, NSW, Australia

2. Coastal Australia

1. Brighton Palace, England

Happy New Year

I wish you and happy and healthy 2020, the year of the metal rat. Thank you for your support and I look forward to continuing Cool Footing next year and all the places it will take me.

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