Afoot in . . . South West Rocks, NSW, Australia

A beautiful slice of the world. Scroll down for full gallery. About If the idea of pristine beaches all to yourself, wild kangaroos relaxing nearby, good fishing and a bit of history thrown in appeals to you, then here’s your happy place. South West Rocks is a seaside hamlet situated on the mid-north coast of... Continue Reading →

What Brought Hell to Australia?

The 4 Critical Factors That Have Devastated My Home This disaster will impact every Australian, directly, or indirectly. Personally, I stood hose in hand, ready to fight flames and ember attacks a few months ago. I wished I had a gun, so that I could spare the sheep and donkey an agonizing death. In my mind... Continue Reading →

A Farewell To 2019

20 Most 'Liked' Photos from Instagram This Year As a way to reflect on 2019, here are the most popular photos from the Cool Footing Instagram account, @coolfooting2018 . Some surprised me. It's interesting to see what resonates with people. Here they in reverse order. 20. Montecatini Spa, Tuscany, Italy 19. Wooden Temple, Lampang, Thailand... Continue Reading →

10 Funny Travel Quotes for the Holidays

We are right in the guts of the ‘holiday season’. It is supposed to be a time of love, laughter, mirth and merriment, but often spirals into loathing, lamentation, misery and mayhem. The degrees of which seem inextricably linked to the number of miles your travel and the quantity of family members must withstand. So,... Continue Reading →

Best and Worst Places for Expats

The 2019 Inter Nations annual best and worst places for expats has listed Taiwan as the top spot in the world.  Taiwan has consistently landed in the top 5 since 2016. The online community of Inter Nations brings expats from the globe together and offers guides, information and advice for just about every country you... Continue Reading →

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